Please let me know if you are from the NW and planning on going.

Those planning on going!

Paul Schwab [Ty]

Ed O'Rourke [Ty]

Richard Le [Ty]

Scott Murphy [Ty]

Kelly Vaught (flying WIMP!)

Jeffrey Scott [Ty]

Darin Tankersley [Sy]???????


Ed O'Rourke is the NW organizer

He had originally planned on have the WA folks head south to Portland then East Bound.

Currently Option A appears to be the best choice. If the NoCal guys want to meet in Salt Lake City, or anybody else would like to meet along the route please let or know so we can arrange it.


The current plan is


Total Distance = 1972 miles

Estimated Time = 35 hours

3 days = 624 miles & 11.7 hrs per day (In a syty 5 hrs per day!)

Option A

Option B



Are you on one of the routes want to join in?