I've decided that the 50lb/hr Programs are ready for beta testing.

I'd like to have people who are well versed in tuning a truck to be the first to run these chips, so I can obtain quality feedback from seasoned Syty people.

I've made up a basic 50lb/hr Ultimate Chip program. Much of the drivability work was done on my very stock Typhoon, and the small amount of WOT/wideband 02 testing I have done so far was on a built up Syclone.  The Syclone has a PTE 45 turbo, ATR headers, Dequick single core air-air IC, 50lb/hr injectors, port matched upper intake, and a 3" exhaust with a catalytic converter.  Fuel pressure was set at 43.5psi (stock), with a Walbro intank pump. To me, this represents one of the highest flowing combinations available for a stock motor truck. The fueling was more than adequate, and we were making good gains dialing in the WOT fueling. Considering the results we had with this truck, I felt confident this program would work well on most of the trucks out there, with updated versions available for any fine tuning I feel is necessary.  I don't want to push this program to the masses yet; If there are any major pitfalls, I'd have a Firestone sized recall (relatively speaking).  The boost control & higher boost level fueling tuning are the two areas I need to work on, as well as any wild features I'd like to integrate (like the adjustable fueling features I have mentioned in the past).  The current test truck is hurt, but should be up and running soon. I'd like to continue development with it, but we already have snow on the ground in Chitown, and it will probably be a couple months before it is clear enough to do any more quality WOT testing runs.

The goals on this truck are consistent 11 second passes, done reliably and safely, without sacrificing drivability or mileage.

*other minor truck notes - The test truck has a built up transmission with a stall converter. Most any of the PTE turbos will almost require a converter.  PTE doesn't sell a 45, this is a rebuilt Chan 45, done by PTE.  Probably equivalent to a PTE 53-54.  The ignition consists of the typical Conrad cap & rotor, Taylor wires, but we have been using NGK UR6 plugs with good results, and recommend them.

Other tidbits:
50lb/hr injectors - best source is PT&E  www.precisionte.com
They sell matched sets for ~$400 last I checked.

All of the chip programs are open loop, with no EGR function, except for the Valet program. That program will now double as the emissions chip, or the regular driving chip, if you feel the need to stay in closed loop.

If you don't know what closed loop and open loop refer to, you need to educate yourself before getting this chip.  This isn't meant as an insult, just that I don't want people to assume this chip is plug and play.

These chips are geared around the PTE turbo setup, which has an integral wastegate using a high pressure actuator. The boost control calibration is setup much differently than stock due to this, and there will probably be tweaks for the boost control in chip updates.  To properly use the PTE setup, the base boost must be set so that it is about 15psi. Any less, the wastegate is leaking.  The actuator is VERY tight, and it will probably require some compressed air to move the actuator rod to latch onto the wastegate rod. Also note that with such a high base boost setting, valet programs will be able to have full a full 15psi of boost.  I am setting the valet limiter to 15psi, with lower rev limits, richer fueling & lower timing at that point.  So if a driver can hit 15psi, it will be a very safe & slow 15psi.

Also, this wastegate setup is MUCH improved over a stock Syty.  Bleeder valves may even work fairly well. If people are dead set on using electronic boost controllers, they would work well with this situation.  The stock Syty ECM should have no problem controlling the boost, so I really see no reason to spend any extra money on those items, but I figured I'd post that information.

The 50lb/hr injectors allow for much headroom on stock motor trucks. That is a good thing; they should support 600hp..  Now that we have lots of injector room left, I integrated another safety feature.  If you are on a 15psi boost setting program, and you overboost for whatever reason, the timing will instantly drop, and the fuel will be quite a bit richer.  This should add a good margin for safety. I say quite a bit richer, because at higher boost levels you obviously need more fuel... the calibrations are designed so that above the set boost level, I have increased the fueling dramatically, so that it is over rich.

So, please contact me if you are ready to try a chip out. I'll evaluate the situation and see if it is a worthy one.

Updates will be based upon further testing & feedback (by trucks I work on as well as beta test trucks) and is not of the nature to accomodate individual owners' tastes or wants.  I don't have time to be doing programs like that. Other people may, and I encourage them to help out owners in such need.  Updates will be inexpensive, mainly to cover the costs of the eprom as well as shipping. I may offer upgrades cheap at gatherings, or if done in person, as I will be able to swap eproms, recouping the cost of the chip, as well as the lack of shipping costs.

Here are my official notes on the 50lb/hr Ultimate programs:



Ultimate layout for 50# beta release, 12-27-01


Programs laid out the same as stock injector Ultimate


Security            No start

Valet               Low timing, 4300 RPM rev limit, overboost limits set at 15psi, closed loop, EGR present. This        
                          program now serves dual purpose as valet as well as emissions program.


                        All the following programs are open loop, no EGR. Codes 12/44/45 disabled.


T1 15psi             T1 (street timing) indicated boost level

T1 16psi

T1 17psi

T1 18psi

T1 20psi

T1 22psi

T2 17psi            T2 (street/strip timing – use 95-105 octane) indicated boost level

T2 18psi

T2 20psi

T2 22psi

T3 18psi            T3 (strip timing - use 114-116 octane) indicated boost level

T3 20psi

T3 22psi

T3 24psi



These programs are beta programs.  The drivability and response should be excellent.  The boost control is not 100% tested. They are setup for the high boost actuator setup that the PTE turbo system uses. The base boost should be about 15psi (base meaning solenoid not plugged in, or vacuum line directly from the compressor housing to the wastegate actuator).  The fueling at idle/cruise has worked for many trucks of similar build, the WOT fueling has been tested with a wideband 02 up to about 16psi, but is not 100% dialed in.


These programs are sold with the knowledge that they are not a final release, they will require some tuning skills by the owner.  I have to make these statements because trucks at this level vary so much in their fueling needs.  There are plans for updates allowing for fuel delivery fine tuning.

Basic features:

IC pump turn on full time

Knock retard features – faster timing retard with higher max retard values

Overboost level set at ~2psi above boost level for each program

Timing will decrease past set boost level for safety’s sake


Added features in the 50# chips

Boost control with the high pressure actuator, will be scaled versus MPH.

Richer fueling during overboost conditions (when boost reaches ~2psi over program setting, timing drops, fueling is richer)

Timing modified in boost vs Mat for better performance and safety