50lb/hr Chip calibration for trucks with heads/cam combinations. 


I ramble a bit here, bear with me.


These calibrations are geared towards people using L35 heads or Vortec heads, with more aggressive cams than stock.

The ideal combo in my opinion is one with a .500 lift cam (like the Comp cams 412 grind) with mildly worked up Vortec heads.

Several have used ported L35 heads with .430" cams (Crane cam usually, the one ATR uses).

Anyways, on these buildups, there has to be some adjustability present because of the differing combinations. I swear I haven't had 2 combinations the same since I started helping people with the built motors. 

Ideally, every truck would have a custom calibration for it, as each one is different, and even more so when every person has a different head porter, or slightly different cam, or slightly different turbo, or stock exhaust manifolds versus headers.  Unfortunately, for the average person, a good calibration costs money, no matter if done via chip, or by installing an aftermarket fuel injection computer setup.  These calibrations are offered as a compromise, to hopefully offer some good performance and driveability, but may lack in some fine tuning details, as they are meant to cover a range of build ups.  For max effort buildups, I really recommend FAST or something similar with good datalogging features, and a wideband 02 is absolutely necessary.


I wanted to give a good range of fueling & timing adjustability, so for that reason I didn't include boost control options.  I'd be forced to make custom chips for each person, and considering the time I have invested already, it is not feasible for cost vs returns for my time.  Sorry that's the way it is; if you would like to contact someone else about doing some boost control programs, let me know, I can recommend some people that may work with you, but you usually will have to pay for their time.

The following programs go in order - security & valet as indicated on display. 
The programs 1-12 are in order T1 15, T1 16... etc. The display indicates nothing now..

The prom ID is the same as the program name 
(as in program 1  will be shown on a scan tool as prom ID of 1)

Set fuel pressure at 43-45, adjust for best drivability, then do WOT testing. If fueling values look like they are good, try the open loop chips. I like those better for drivability, but your results may vary.



Security, no start, as shown on display

Valet - reduced performance chip, as displayed 

1 base - street program (low timing, 21psi boost cut) 93 octane

street/strip program (more timing, 24 psi boost cut) 104 octane/alky

3 strip program (more timing, 24 psi boost cut) 116 Octane ONLY

4 same as street program (1) but leaner at WOT 

5 same as street/strip program (2) but leaner at WOT

6 same as strip program (3) but leaner at WOT

7 same as street program (1) but richer at WOT

8 same as street/strip program (2) but richer at WOT

9 same as strip program (3) but richer at WOT

10 same as street program (1), open loop fueling (no 02 feedback)

11 same as street/strip program (2), open loop fueling

12 same as strip program (3), open loop fueling

(2 extra spaces here, could not think of what programs to put here, so 12 will be in 3 program slots)