The PTE downpipe/turbo setup for our trucks

Some additional info:

I spoke to Harry about pricing and such.  He said he may offer the kit with or without the catalytic converter, with a difference of about 75-90 dollars between with and without.  Overall pricing has not been determined yet, as he has not received a price for the downpipes which he is having produced out of house.  He's hoping to have numerous production downpipes in stock within a week and will be calling people on the list as soon as that happens.

These pics are of the downpipe setup on an ATR header. I thought that the downpipe/housing would not fit the header, but it appears as though it WILL fit.  If you notice the first picture below here, you will see there is a slip joint right at the #4 runner.  This made it difficult to tell if it was going to work cleanly, as the lower section of downpipe could be rotated a bit.  We aligned it as best as we could, and judging by that test, it should bolt up with no problems, or a slight ding of the downpipe would make it work just fine.  It is tight, but it is designed that way, even on the stock manifold.  There is little room, and with a 3" pipe in there it is difficult to design a quality setup.  I was really impressed by the quality of the kit. The whole build will bolt right up to the stock cat back system, and has a dump that is easily accessed (Opie's truck, with the proto build, has a dump that isn't as easy to access).